Revelation of Mystery (Kashf al Mahjub)

Doctrines of Sufism

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Chapter XIV

Doctrines of Sufism

I have already stated in the recital of Abu al-Hasan Nuri that the Sufism has twelve sects, of which ten are approved and two are reprobated. Every one of these ten sects has an excellent system and doctrine as regards both mujahida مجاهده   (purgation) and mushahida مشاهده (contemplation). They all possess elegant style in their doctrines and all own subtleties of mushahida. Although they differ from each other in their devotional practices and ascetic disciplines, but they agree in the fundamentals and derivatives of the Shariat (religious law) and Tawhid (Unification). Abu Yazid said,

اختلاف العلماء رحمتة الا في تجريد التوحيد

“except true concept of Unification, the difference of Ulema (religious Authorities) on religious matters is mercy,”

and in agreement to this there is a famous Hadith (tradition) also. The real essence of Sufism lies amidst the sayings and traditions of the Sheikhs, and its division among different Sufi sects is only figuratively and formally. I will briefly touch upon this division and will elucidate the basis and basics of the doctrine of each sect in order that the seekers of Truth may understand the matter, Ulama get the proofs, may cause reform to the disciples and I may be blessed with success in both the worlds.


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