Revelation of Mystery (Kashf al Mahjub)

Mystics of Different Countries

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Chapter XIII

Modern Mystics of Different Countries

If the detailed account of all the Sheikhs from different parts of the world is mentioned it would lengthen the book and if some are mentioned and some are left would not meet my aim. Therefore I now mention the names of the Sufis and leading spiritualists who have lived in my time or are still alive. They are eminent lords and Sheikhs of the path of Sufism. They are not the formalists but the true spiritualists. The aim of mentioning the names of these Sheikhs (may Allah have mercy on them) is that it may ease up the acquisition of my desire.


Syria and Iraq

Zaki Ibn Ula was an eminent Sheikh and a guide of his time. When I met him I found him to be like a flame of love. He was endowed with superb signs and evidences.

Abu Jafar Muhammad b. al-Misbah Saydalani was one of the leading aspirants to Sufism. He discoursed eloquently on theosophy and had a great fondness for Hussein b. Mansur. I have read some of his works.

Abu al-Qasim Suddi followed the path of mortification and abstinence. He led an excellent spiritual life. He cared for dervishes of whom he had great belief.



Abu al-Hasan b. Saliba, spoke with the utmost elegance on Sufism and with extreme lucidity on tawhid (unification). His sayings are well known.

Abu Ishaq b. Sheharyar was one of the most venerable Sufis and well authoritarian.

Abu al-Hasan Ali b. Bakran was a great Sufi.

Abu Muslim was unique and highly respected Sheikh.

Abu al-Fateh b. Saliba is hopeful of blessings and succession to his father.

Abu Talib was a man enraptured by the words of the Truth.

Abu Ishaq was a grand Sheikh but I could not meet him.


Qahistan, Azerbaijan, Tibrastan, and Kimish

Shafique Farj alias as Akhi Zanjani, was a man of excellent disposition and admirable doctrine. He was the Sheikh of his time and his good deeds are many.

Vandari was among the venerable of Sufism.

Badshah Taib was profoundly versed in mysticism.

Abu Abdullah Junaid was a very respectable Sheikh and always used to be in service of the aspirants of Sufism. 

Abu Tahir Makshuf was amongst the eminent Sufis.

Khawaja Hussein Simnan is an enraptured and hopeful for the Mercy of Allah.

Sheikh Sehlaki was one of the intellectuals of dervishes.  

Ahmad was an excellent successor to his father Khurqani.

Adib Kumandi was distinguished personality of the time.



Khawaja Ali b. al-Hussein al-Sairgani was the wandering devotee who made long journeys in the way of Truth. His son, Hakim is also a wonderful personality.

Muhammad b. Salma was among the eminent of his time. There have been unknown and hidden saints of Allah before him but now many hopeful youths to be found there.



It is a blessed area where nowadays shadow of Allah’s blessing is in its full bloom.

The Sheikh and Mujtahid (practicing Jurisprudence) Abu al-Abbas was the heart of spiritualism..

Khawaja Abu Jafar Muhammad b. Ali al-Jawani  is one of the eminent theosophists of Sufism.

Abu Jafar Turshizi was highly respected personality.

Khawaja Mahmud Nishapuri was regarded as an authority by his contemporaries.

Sheikh Muhammad Mahshuq had an excellent spiritual life.

Jumrat al-Hub was pious inwardly and was happy with his auqat (time).

Khawaja Syed Muzaffar son of Sheikh Abu is hopeful to become an example to all Sufis and a point to which their hearts will turn.

Khawaja Ahmad Hammadi Sarkhasi was the falcon of his time. For some time we remained together and I witnessed many wondrous experiences from him. He was man of the path of the Shariat.

Sheikh Ahmad Najar Samarqandi belonged to Merv, was the sultan of the path of the Shariat.

Abu al-Hasan Ali b. Abi Ali al-Aswad was an excellent successor to his father, and was unique in the sublimity of his aspiration and the sagacity of his intelligence.

It would be difficult to mention all the Sheikhs of Khurasan. I have met over three hundred saints in Khurasan alone residing separately and who had such mystical endowments that a single one of them would have been enough for the whole world. They are the luminaries of love and prosperity on the spiritual sky of Khurasan.



The Khawaja and Imam, honored by all high and low, Abu Jafar Muhammad b. al-Hussein al-Harmi a hearer, ecstatic and enraptured man, who has great affection towards the seekers of Allah. He was all purity in his life.

Khawaja Abu Muhammad Bathghari had an excellent spiritual life, and free of weakness in his devotional practices.

Muhammad Ailaqi was the Sheikh and respectable personality of his time. He hated forms and habits.

Khawaja Arif was unique and unparallel person in his days.

Ali b. Ishaq was very eloquent in his speech and a guide of his time.

I have met all these Sheikhs and got knowledge of their virtues and literary attainments. They were all profound theosophists.



Abu al-Fadl b. Asad was venerable director, with brilliant evidences and manifest miracles. He was like a flame of the fire of love. His spiritual state was hidden.

Ismail al-Shashi was highly esteemed Sheikh. He followed the path of blame.

Sheikh Salar Tibri was one of the Sufi divines and had an excellent state.

Abu Abdullah Muhammad b. al-Hakim known as Murid also, was amongst the intoxicated of Allah. He was unrivaled by any contemporary in his own field. His state was hidden from the mankind, but his signs and evidences were conspicuous. His state was very high and his inward was much pure and cleaner than his outward.

Sheikh Said b. Abu Said al-Ayar was preserver of Hadith. He had seen many Sheikhs and had lofty spiritual state and had great knowledge of the path. He followed the way of concealment and never exhibited his true character.

Abu al-Ala Abd al-Rahim b. Ahmad Safri  is honored by all Sufis, and my heart is well-disposed towards him. His spiritual state was excellent. He was well acquainted with various branches of science.

Qasurat b. Muhammad al-Kardezi has boundless affection for the Sufis and holds every one of them in reverence.

In consequence to my faith, I have firm conviction of the people and divines of Ghazna, that hereafter persons will appear in whom we shall believe, and that those wretches who have found their way into this city and have made the externals of Sufism abominable will be cleared out, so that Ghazna will once more become the abode of saints and venerable men.



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