Islamic / Religious Movies

Urdu - English - Arabic

Awais Al Qarni اویس القرنی (Urdu)

Owayss al Karny - Le film complet  (French)

Ibn Taymiyyah (Arabic with English Sub Title)

The Life of Jesus Part I

Historical Places Mentioned in Quran

Gautam Buddha گوتم بدھ Hindi Film

The Buddha (English Documentary)

Sant Kabeer (Hindi Film)

Sant Kabeer (Hindi Duhe)

Ibn Batutta, ابن بطوطہ

Shaheen شاہین (PTV Drama)

Tipu Sultan (سلطان فتح علی خان ٹیپو) (PTV Drama)

Tipu Sultan (سلطان فتح علی خان ٹیپو) (Indian based on a Novel)

Omar Mukhtar The Lion of Desert (English)

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