The Story of Talut - Jalut

Based on Quranic / Biblical  Story

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The Story of Talut - Jalut

قصہ طالوت و جالوت

Urdu Movie  (3 Parts)


Hast thou not turned thy vision to the chiefs of the children of Israel after (the time of) Moses?They said to a Prophet (that was) among them: "Appoint for us a king, that we may fight in the Cause of Allah."He said: "Is it not possible if ye were commanded to fight, that ye will not fight?"They said: "How could we refuse to fight in the Cause of Allah, seeing that we were turned out of our homes and our families?But when they were commanded to fight, they turned back, except a small band among them. But Allah has full knowledge of those who do wrong.Their Prophet said to them: "Allah hath appointed Talut as king over you."They say: "How can he exercise authority over us when we are better fitted than he to exercise authority, and he is not even gifted with wealth in abundance?"He said:"Allah hath chosen him above you, and hath gifted him abundantly with knowledge and bodily prowess;Allah granteth His authority to whom He pleaseth. Allah careth for all, and He knoweth all things." Quran 2:246-47

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