Noor-ud-din Zangi - Islamic Hero

Historical PTV Drama (Urdu اردو)

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Noor-ud-din Zangi, Islamic Hero

Historical PTV Drama (Urdu اردو)

Movie Duration: 68 Minutes


Nur ud-Din Zangi (1118 1174),  a devoted enemy of the crusader presence in Syria  was a member of the Turkish Zengid dynasty which ruled the Syrian province of the Seljuk Empire. He reigned from 1146 to 1174. He considered the crusaders foreigners in Muslim territory, who had come to Outremer to plunder the land and profane its sacred places.  Nur ad-Din sought to make alliances with his neighbors in northern Iraq and Syria in order to strengthen the Muslim front against their western enemies. Nur ad-Din was just , valiant and wise, and  a religious man. He constructed universities, mosques and free hospitals in all the cities he controlled. He built caravanserais on the roads for travelers and pilgrims. In the Muslim world he remains a legendary figure of military courage, piety, and modesty. 

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