Revelation of Mystery (Kashf al Mahjub)


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Chapter XIV (n)



They are the followers of Abu Abdullah Muhammad b. Ali al-Hakim Tirmidhi, who was the Imam of his time and the author of many works on every branch of exoteric and esoteric sciences. His doctrine was based on walayat وَلايت (saintship), and he used to explain the true nature of saintship and the degrees of the saints and the observance of the proper arrangement of their ranks. He in himself was a boundless ocean which possessed numerous marvels.

To understand his doctrine, you must know that Allah has given superiority to Auliya اوِلياء (friends) on whole of mankind. He has withdrawn them from worldly ties and delivered them from sensual temptations. He has placed each of them in a particular stage and has opened unto them the door of His mysteries. This topic is much in length, therefore, I must first briefly set forth several points of capital importance which may help in understanding the subject.


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