Revelation of Mystery (Kashf al Mahjub)


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Chapter XIV (g)



They are the followers of Abu al-Qasim al-Junaid b. Muhammad, who in his time was called the Peacock of the Ulama. He was the chief of the seekers of the Truth and the Imam of their Imams. In contrary to Tayfuris his doctrine is based on sahw صحو (sobriety). The difference between them has already been explained. It is the best known and most celebrated of all doctrines, and all of my Sheikhs were from this sect. Besides sahw صحو (sobriety) and sukr سكر (intoxication), Junaidis also have difference with other Sheikhs on matters pertaining to ethics and principles of Sufism. Want of space forbids me to discuss it further in this book. Those who wish to become better acquainted with it must seek information from other books as my aim for this book is to ensure brevity.

When Hussein b. Mansur (al-Hallaj) in his rapture state broke off all relations with Umru b. Uthman and came to Junaid, he asked him for what purpose he had come to him. Hussein said: “To get benefited from Sheikh’s association.” Junaid replied: “I do not accept insane in my association. Association demand sanity and if you join me with this affliction of insanity the result of such behavior will be same as it has been your association with Sahl b. Abdullah and Umru b. Uthman.”

Hussein said,

ايها الشيخ الصحو والسكر صفتان للعبد وما دام العبد محجوبا عن ربه حتي فني اوصافه

O Sheikh, sobriety and intoxication are two attributes of man, and man is veiled from his Lord until his attributes are annihilated.”

Junaid replied, “O son of Mansur,

اخطاءت في الصحو والسكر لان الصحو بلا خلاف عبارة عن صحة حال العبد مع الحق وذلك لايدخل تحت صفة العبد واكتساب الخلق وانا اري

you are in error concerning sobriety and intoxication. The former without difference denotes soundness of one's spiritual state in relation to Allah, and this state does not fall in the class of ones attributes or attainable by efforts. O son of Mansur, في كلامك فضولا كثيرا وعبارات لا طاءل تحتها your words are meaningless and absurd.”


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